Auspicious Life Changing Date: South


Do you have a Life Door in the South Palace? Then rise and shine....!Here is a date coming up for you: 2 May 2017, between 01.00-03.00 (am) - sorry guys you have to get up early or go to bed late - with your back to the South.The idea is that your Life Door is open in this timespan and you can slip through to make a Change in Life.On the 2nd of May between 01.00-03.00 hrs AND only for those with their Destiny Life Door Palace in South: you can change your Life! If you launch your business or product or yourself (as a product) you can drive to become Number One in your business with DING STRATEGY.How?By a Full Force Attack and do something in direct opposite of what your competitor or enemy is doing. It is a ‘Me versus You’, ‘the Rebels against the Empire’ attack. You have to stay in opposition, BUT with valid argumentation.What to do?Write down your GOALS for you or your company, according to the above mentioned strategy. Be clear, as precise and detailled as possible and positive in your goals.At the specific LIFE CHANGING EVENT time on 2 May 2017 between 01.00-03.00 hrs, take up the direction South, with your back to that direction.Go in MEDITATION mode and count from ’64 back to 0′, so you and your mind are completely peaceful and concentrated.COMMAND (!) the Universe for your Goals to be reached: repeat slowly what you wrote down, in your mind or loud, whatever you prefer.When you are finished, take an ACTION towards your Life Changing Event. This action is absolute necessary for the success of your Life Changing Event. For instance, write a mail and push the button to send it off, write an article and publish it on your website, make a phone call or make an appointment. All with your back to the South!Wishing you good luck and let us know your results!Henriette 

Photo: Mayur Gala