Fu Yin & Fan Yin


The Universe is sending me a lot of questions about Fu Yin and Fan Yin lately, so I will address the subject from my point of view in this article.Chinese Metaphysics and the old texts express a lot of negative thoughts on these two issues. And let me tell you, that at one point in my life, I was so disappointed, sad and fed up with the description of life threatening situations with certain BaZi or Feng Shui constellations, that I almost gave up. However, I did not....I thought, it cannot be the idea of a system that is supposed to bring you more Qi flow, it instead 'freezes' your actions and drains the body, mind and soul from energy.Well, after years of experience, here is my take on Fu Yin (stagnation) and Fan Yin (clash): be aware that these two will only affect your life, if you let them affect you (negatively) and if, especially you are not standing strong enough in your center.So strengthen your Day Pillar, thus yourself, and nothing will affect you and bring you out of balance....even better, then you are able to use these timings and constellations to enjoy a time of contemplation and self reflection (Yin) or a time of welcoming new things in your life (Yang).Fu YinWhat is Fu Yin: the pillar that shows up in a year, month, day or even hour, is the same pillar as one of your personal BaZi pillars: Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch are the same.Yes, you got it....you are slowed down by the Universe!!! It gives you time to think, contemplate, meditate and absorb your new thoughts. Maybe you were too busy doing 'things', without thinking...Now is your time to just relax, find yourself and think about what you want to do next! Happily enough, the Universe is around to teach us a new and most important lesson in life!Fu Yin in Year Pillar: Sometimes you get even a whole year to withdraw from hectic life and take time for yourself. This especially happens when you turn 60:  your personal BaZi year pillar is the same as the actual year pillar.Time to contemplate on your life and think about what to do next, before taking action. Some say, this is a goodbye to your 60 years of materialistic life and  a warm welcome your next 60 years of spiritual path. That is beautiful isn't it?Fu Yin in Month, Day, Hour Pillar & Life Cycle Pillar: This constellation here to make you contemplate your:

  • month: career/life path
  • day: relationship(s)
  • hour: self-reflection &
  • Life Cycle: 10 years of self reflection.

Nothing better than that, to stand still and see where you are with your life planning. There is nothing more to it...another important lesson by the Universe: stand still and think (or meditate)!!!Personal example: in one of my 10 years of life cycles, I started on my path of Chinese Metaphysics, a 180 degrees turn around from my business life experiences.  That is some kind of self reflection isn't it? Not that I really was looking for it, but it just happened as I  see only now....Oeps...the Universe interfered with my life path and got me apparently on track to my real destiny! Fan YinWhat is Fan Yin: the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch, both clash one of personal BaZi pillars. For example: Jia Shen (Wood Monkey) & Wu Yin (Earth Tiger) pillars, or Ding You (Fire Rooster) & Gui Mao (Water Rabbit) pillars.This is a rather hectic situation, as something ‘new' will enter your life! It happens to you (inside clash), or you make it happen (outside clash). The word clash always sounds like something will 'hit' you...and guess what...it will! New things might come with a mental pain, as you have to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. For this change, your flexibility is asked, to make a smooth transition.And what's new, when you change your working- or living surroundings: old networks might (partly) go and new networks will arise. Exciting life isn't it!Fan Yin in Year, Day, Month or Hour  There is something new arriving...things might get a little hectic. And again, if you are standing strong as your Day Pillar, nothing will get you out of your center! You can manage...

  • year: in your greater social network/customers/living surroundings
  • month: in your career or life path: new job, move because of job, move in your career
  • day: in your relationship(s): maybe even a new relationship if you are tired of the old one or completely renewing your partnership
  • hour: in your ideas, dreams, and achievement in life.

 Fan Yin in Month Pillar & Life Cycle Pillar. Now, the 6th pillar of your Life Cycle is Fan Yin with your Month Pillar: clashing in. Especially during that time, it is advised to watch your health, wellbeing and actions. Take care of yourself, which means to say that the Universe is preparing you for the next 60 years of then spiritual life path! In earlier days, these were the times when people would stop working and go into 'pension mode'.  Now, at that age, people are much more on the road of finding a new purpose in life.Personal experience: in my personal BaZi is a life long clash between the month- and day pillar. Now I know, it was all about the changes in my life, moving, working and living in foreign countries and most of the time unexpected great experiences. The nice thing was, that my day pillar is controlling the month pillar, so it was always my own decision to take in my life path: and yes...and life has been very hectic and exciting! A lot of living and working abroad, a huge amount of travelling en unexpected occurrences! A wonderful life!Well, I hope this gives you an insight in Fu Yin and Fan Yin situations. Its all a mental issue...either you are strong enough to cope with it, or it will cope with you. You can take your life into your own hands, but it requires some action! And this is what Qi Planning is all about: meditation, commanding the Universe and taking action!Free Qi Planner (4 months)If you have not inscribed yet for our auspicious timings calendar, the free Qi Planner is available here!Wishing you a GREAT life and sending Qi, Henriette Photo credit: HD - Blooming Magnolia Trees