May 2019: Auspicious Directions & Timings


Are you ready for the month of May from May 5 - June 5? It will feel like a warm blanket of desert sand that can change its beautiful colour anytime! What to expect this month of Earth Snake (Ji Si)?Quite a spiritual month with the healing touch of the warm earth and fire elements. It is a month for nurturing and inner trust that everything will be okay: a very calm nature.The important lesson for this month is 'healing', the warm touch, nurturing.If you are an Earth Snake Day Master, awaken yourself and go to the sandy desert of Africa, like Namibia. Africa is the cradle of life, where it (life) all started. It needs deserts with golden sand for the Ji Si qualities to develop. You have a lot of self-healing qualities as fire warming the earth is a sign of healing.Deepak Chopra, the famous meditation guru and healer who wrote many books on the subject, is an Earth Snake day master. Screenshot 2019-04-27 at 11.22.17.pngChart of May 2019 Auspicious direction for May 2019: the following auspicious direction(s) for each month, we use for long term planning. They are your direction(s) to prepare, as part of your bigger year plan.Sit with your back towards the North Direction: especially to meditate and experience that you are backed with extra Qi (energy) of wisdom. Being with this direction, your Broad Band connection to the Universe will be running at High Speed. Especially auspicious for meditation, spiritual activities, making wishes, praying, asking for divine intervention and inner peace.Moon Deity is helping you to gather wisdom, as she rules this subject. She is also about 'hiding', as you all know, the Moon only shines bright at night. So rather, than putting yourself out to the public, take on this direction and go in your own private space, step back and reflect, nurture and heal yourself.Hexagram 27 Nourish: this is a time to reflect on the type of inner vision that we you nourishing.  Consider the thoughts, that nourish you, in order to understand why events appear as they do. Whatever you attract is part of your motivations.Action: nurture Free Qi Planner (4 months)If you have not inscribed yet for our auspicious timings calendar, the free Qi Planner is available here!Wishing you a great month of Qi Planning and sending Qi,Henriette  Photo Credit: HD – Desert of Oman, October 2018Chart Credit: Chinese Metasoft