August 2019, auspicious timings...


With August, we are already entering the metal months....we will start to feel the freshness of the air coming up in the evening or early morning. Let's still enjoy the sunshine during the day and look for warming Indian Summers in September and October.

For the exact timings and directions, please subscribe to the Qi Planner (see further):Auspicious dates for the month of August:
  • August 4: Academic pursuit
  • August 13: Wealth generation
  • August 15: Health improvement
  • August 17: Relationship improvement
  • August 19: Relationship improvement
  • August 28: Health & loose weight
  • August 29: Academic pursuit

We use these timings and directions for personal meditation: set your goals, sit with your back to the indicated direction, meditate and take action! Curious? See what happens!!!Subscribe to the free Qi planner for four months, with all important auspicious & activation dates here!Happy Qi Planning!Henriette  Photo credit: HD – Boats & birds on Lake Geneva in the morning light.