Personal Development Timing


Your 'Month of September' present: a wonderful timing for personal development which is ruled by Earth Deity, who is kind, compassionate, gentle and caring, quiet and virtuous. Also named 'the keeper of Mother Earth' who brings balance and prosperity. Read more on Earth Deity and its qualities here!Embark on your timing for Personal Development!

  • Friday September 27, 2019 at 15.00 hours with your back towards the North.
  • Not for Rooster, though usable for them. Roosters might initiate new things in their life.

What may you expect from this timing?

  • A truly great way to improve your attitude, skills and physical strength
  • In case you take on a meeting during this timing, you can play mind games with your opponent and gain psychological dominance, they will perceive you more powerful than you are.
  • If you like a new position or role in your life, or work on money making activities, or deal with high rank people, then this is your right timing.
  • As this timing is governed by the influential Earth Deity, you may take on espionage and defence activities, exhibit skills and physical strength (sports-activities).
  • Especially good for: making an official announcement, self-cultivation, career promotion, conducting new business deals, travel supported by Hexagram 56, marriage, moving house, maintaining current wealth position and other aspects of life, especially retirement.
  • Very good for assuming a new job position, negotiations and closing business deals, operating a new business, major important activities, pacifying someone angry, putting the right person in the right position.
  • Suitable for collecting necessary data, information and knowledge to fulfil the plans and strategy, helps to make a very good and fruitful connections with important people, key personnel and decision makers
  • Channels will be open and smooth communication os provided. 
  • Indicates receiving approval or support in writing. Success in pursuing academic activities.

How to use this timing?The best way to use the auspicious time is to meditate, command and act:

  1. Go in MEDITATION mode and count from 64 back to 0, so you and your mind are completely peaceful and concentrated. Sit down with your back to the indicated direction. Have your goals (written or in your mind) ready!
  2. COMMAND (!) the universe for your goals to be reached: Repeat slowly what you wrote down, in your mind, or say it loud, whatever you prefer.
  3. When you are finished, take an ACTION towards your goal or event. This action is absolutely necessary for the success. For instance, write a mail and push the button to send it off, write an article and publish it on your website, make a phone call, make an appointment, plan a meeting etc.
  4. An alternative to your meditation, is to have a meeting with someone and sit with your back to the North, during this meeting.

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