October 2019: Powerfull directions


From October 8 till November 6, we will be in the month of Jia Xu, being the Wood Dog. The image is that of a tree growing on a hard rock. We picture the Cypress tree in Cambodia, with its roots exposed, overgrowing temples or spiritual places.What to expect in the month of Jia Xu - Wood Dog?This month is about 'not wasting time', as the roots of the tree are exposed, time is limited. It seems like we lack time to get things done. On the political stage, Brexit concerning Europe and the UK, must be done before October 31st., the impeachment procedures of the American President is under pressure, as well as the threat of the Saudi King with regards to the world economy, concerning oil prices. All this gives a feeling of pressure to the World to do something and time seems to be running out.This Wood Dog does not like metal at all, as its roots are already exposed. So all qualities related to metal: (quick) decision taking, control, discipline etc. are not very much liked this month. Health is fragile, as the roots are above the ground and general issues could be related to the nervous system and/or nervous behaviour.This month is about self-preservation, self protection and being self centred. Only when we are learning the lesson of service (to others), we will succeed.Qi Men Dun Jia Chart for OctoberThe indicated monthly auspicious direction(s), we use for long term planning. They are your direction(s) to prepare, as part of your year plan. Screenshot 2019-10-03 at 14.29.34 West: Sit the whole month at your office desk or at home with your back towards the west. It will result in enormous (physical) strength, endurance and power, due to Tiger Deity being positioned in that palace. If you have to work on a big project, Tiger Deity will give you the endurance to do so. Read more about the qualities of Tiger Deity here!Being with this direction, your Broad Band connection to the Universe will be running at Ultra High Speed.Fear door means that you will be quite pragmatic, dependable and walk your talk. Pillar star is at home in the west and supports speech and communication.Hexagram 58  –  Joy rules the west. Be Joyous in thought and action and celebrate others. Since life is your mirror, it will reflect joyousness back to you. Free Qi Planner (4 months)If you have not inscribed yet for our auspicious timings calendar, the free Qi Planner is available here!(This is a one-time only offer!)Wishing you a great month of Qi Planning,Henriette Photo Credit: Florence Lafayette Driessens - Tree roots exposed in Cambodia